What we offer

Bowtie training allows participants to be introduced to the bowtie methodology and the benefits of BowTie Pro™ software.

The bowtie diagram is a powerful visual presentation of the risk assessment process that is readily understood by the non-specialist. Bowties are used extensively for conducting risk analyses and the development of control measures in a wide range of industries and any type of risk.

The ease of use of BowTie Pro™ permits a bowtie to be created and edited during the training session. Using the bowtie methodology in conjunction with BowTie Pro™ allows risk assessments to be readily reviewed and updated at any time. Once entered the visual presentation provides effective communication of the information that can then be is retrieved either on screen, or in friendly standard reports.

The benefits

  • Creation of a systematic and consistent yet flexible analysis of business risks
  • Produces reports that can be used for risk assessments
  • A fast, cost effect way of analysing the hazards and controls for any aspect of your business
  • Creates a safer working environment by its ability to communicate hazards and controls visually
  • Enhance productivity and efficiency
  • Allows facilities and companies to quickly build up an analysis that is specific to their environment

The bowtie information is generally obtained through structured brainstorming sessions with groups. The information is often used for communicating and demonstrating how risks are being managed, they can also be used as key reference checklists by auditors.

Training Courses