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Bowtie diagrams clearly display the links between the potential causes, preventative and mitigative controls and consequences of a major accident.

  • Developing bowties for HSSE or business risks or Developing a Barrier Based Risk Management Strategy
  • Facilitating bowtie workshops
  • Reviewing existing bowties

Developing bowties for HSSE or business risks

All formal Safety Management Systems and Safety Cases require the provision of risk assessment techniques.

Risk assessments range from the quantitative calculations needed to determine the likelihood of a Temporary Refuge surviving an explosion, to the requirement that work teams about to undertake a task must assess the risks of carrying it out.

The risk assessment techniques used must be appropriate to the situation or task to be undertaken, they should result in recommendations or opportunities for improvement, and in some cases the abandonment of the proposed operation.

In a safe, healthy work environment your team will work with confidence, knowing they are well cared for. As a result you will experience high productivity and very limited down-time due to incidents or accidents. Work will be done efficiently while all necessary procedures will be followed to ensure safety.

Bow Tie Pro Limited is able to develop all or part of a Case. It should be remembered that though there are general principles in the development of a Safety Case, and a requirement for certain items to be contained there-in, the regulations are goal-setting so it is up the client how this is actually done.

Helping clienst develop bowties

Facilitating bowtie workshops

Bow Tie Pro Limited have experience of many types of risk assessment and are able to act as facilitators and produce reports which are pertinent and of value to their clients.

Bow Tie Pro will guide your way, from identification of possible risks and in-depth review of the causes of incidents to development of comprehensive management systems, preparation and management of key documents and expert project support. We will train and educate your personnel, as a well-prepared team makes safe working.

Bow Tie Pro Limited, with the addition of its specialist in the field, incorporates dedicated Human Factors analysis into the process.


Reviewing existing bowties

Figuring out what BowTies you will do and exactly how you will do them can be a challenge but with some professional advice you can make sure you get on right track early on. We offer this service either in-house or remotely (or a mix of the two).

Benefits Include:

  • Ensuring your BowTies are in-line with current thinking and best practices
  • Maximising your resources by getting the most out of your BowTies.
BowTie Pro consulting