Support & Maintenance

We offer full support and maintenance for BowTie Pro™. With the annual support and maintenance comes:

  • Telephone support during our office hours
  • E-Mail support
  • BowTie Pro™ software Upgrades
  • Updates and bug fixes

Our team is fully conversant with the bowtie methodology and best practice, enabling us to give you effective help and support

BowTie Pro™ is under constant development and new features are regularly added and improved based on user feedback. These will be released as a BowTie Pro™ software update.

The support and maintenance fee is used for the development of BowTie Pro™. Users are encouraged to provide feedback on the BowTie Pro™ updates with regard to:

  • Ease of Use
  • Feature Shortfalls
  • Additional Features/Requirements
  • Reporting Improvements

This ensures that BowTie Pro™ is developed and improved in line with your requirements.

If you need assistance please send an email to:

Support and Maintenance