Features of BowTie Pro

Some of the key features that make BowTie Pro the fast and easy to use risk analysis tool

When analysing the controls, it is easy to record detailed categorisations and information such as tasks, task assignment to people, documents with hyperlinks, verification methods and deficiencies. The deficiencies can be built up in various places in a diagram and an action plan can be generated.

BowTie Pro™ can produce a Risk Register listing all the Risk Matrix results allowing easy identification of the high risk tasks.

BowTie Pro™ is a very feature rich program which can go far beyond the bowtie and lead into Human Factors, Equipment Analysis, Layers of Protection (LOPA) etc all for the same cost.


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User Interface

  • Powerful visual graphical user interface
  • Fast, friendly and easy to use
  • Items can be edited visually
  • Complete with standard reports, analysis reports and visual outputs required to perform a rigorous analysis
  • It can have up to 6 diagrams open at any one time. This is useful in comparison and allowing copy and paste between diagrams
  • Copy/paste functionality
  • Auto-complete available in text fields
  • Built-in spell checker with a large number of languages
  • Ability to print preview up to 5 reports at any one time
  • Dual-Language. A bowtie can be simultaneously developed in two different languages to meet regulators demands
  • Fully configurable dockable toolbars
  • Context sensitive pop-up menus used throughout. Right-click anywhere and see what the available options are
  • Fully configurable risk matrices for risk assessments. Change the dimensions, colours and labels to fit your needs
  • Hazards can be grouped to allow easy navigation
  • Summary Information about the BowTie Pro™ file started can be entered. This can then be displayed in the diagram outputs
  • BowTie Pro™ can automatically check for updates to ensure that you always have the latest version of the program
  • BowTie Pro™ files can be opened just by double clicking on them
  • Ability to add BRF's and SIL levels to a control


  • Real time diagramming: the diagram is central in creating a case
  • The size of the diagrams is unlimited
  • Branches of the bow-tie can be expanded and collapsed
  • Consequence assessments are always visible on the diagram
  • The font used on the diagram can be customized to suit
  • The controls can be used to tell a story
  • Items can expand to the height of the text so that you can see all the full details
  • There’s an option to collapse all escalation factors to quickly remove clutter from the diagram and see the main structure more clearly
  • Reorder your items using drag and drop
  • The overview screen shows a scaled down version of the entire diagram with the visible section highlighted
  • Tool tips on diagram shapes show extra information
  • Cascading bowties can be displayed allowing a consequence to be identified as the cause of a treat in another bowtie. By clicking on the link it is possible to navigate to the item on the other bowtie


  • Risk Profiling allows an interactive version of the hazard register to be analysed and modified on the screen
  • Risk Profiling Matrix allows the user to see how the risks have been assessed and how many times each item has been used
  • Critical Task Listings allows the visibility, filtering and use of tasks in an easy to use screen across a BowTie Pro™ file
  • The People Matrix displays responsibilities for items across a BowTie Pro™ file
  • Deficiency Analysis allows a range of functions to analyse any deficiencies identified when creating a diagram
  • The Layers of Protection allow a numerical analysis of each strand of a BowTie Pro™ diagram
  • The Quality Check module ensures that the data is relevant based on various criteria
  • The Document Matrix shows where a reference document is used within a BowTie Pro™ file
  • The Permitted Operations and Permitted boundary operations modules allows the creation of a matrix based on various criteria similar. This allows the creation of the Manual of Permitted Operation (MOPO)
  • File Searching searches for all instances of a word within the current BowTie Pro™ file. These can easily be edited by double clicking on the item. There is also Report Searching where you search for the text within a report