Facilitating bowtie workshops

Either remotely via webinar or on-site at your offices, our experienced BowTie consultants can help you prepare and run in-house BowTie workshops for the development of the risk assessments you need.

Benefits include:

  • Ensuring the quality of your BowTie risk assessments and helping to establish best practices;
  • Maximising your staff's time by keeping workshop sessions on track and productive.

Bow Tie Pro Limited have experience of many types of risk assessment and are able to act as facilitators and produce reports which are pertinent and of value to their clients.

Bow Tie Pro will guide your way, from identification of possible risks and in-depth review of the causes of incidents to development of comprehensive management systems, preparation and management of key documents and expert project support. We will train and educate your personnel, as a well-prepared team makes safe working.

Bow Tie Pro Limited, with the addition of its specialist in the field, incorporates dedicated Human Factors analysis into the process.