Reviews & Guidance

Critical reviews for your bowties

Figuring out what BowTies you will develop and exactly how you will do them can be a challenge but with some professional advice you can make sure you get on right track early on. We offer this service either in-house or remotely (or a mix of the two).

Benefits Include:

  • Ensuring your bowties are in-line with current thinking and industry best practices.
  • Maximising your resources by getting the most out of your bowties.
  • Ensuring the bowties meet the company needs.

BowTie Pro consulting

Guidance and Best Practice

We aide our clients to identify their risks and examine their controls and safeguards to ensure that their bowtie diagrams reflect the business. Bowtie diagrams are an excellent tool to display the causal sequences that could be a risk to the business and are often used to present the outputs from other risk studies. Our experienced facilitators will ensure that bowtie diagrams are not excessively complex as this reduces the ability to be a visual representation of the risk being studied.

The complete bowtie methodology ensures that risk assessments become cost-effective methods of managing QHSE issues, rather than just a means of satisfying a regulator. It is readily understood at all levels in an organisation, from senior managers and operations personnel, to regulators and members of the public.

Bow Tie Pro Limited works with clients providing a combination of remote and on-site advise to ensure that the guiding principles are observed and best practice maintained.

Helping clienst develop bowties